Best Darknet Diaries episodes

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Having gone through almost the entire backlog of Darknet Diaries, these were my favourite episodes and the ones I recommend to people.

I particularly enjoy the darknet marketplace episodes, and people hacking computer games or websites. I generally don’t enjoy the episodes with penetration testers quite as much as a rule, but they are still well worth listening to. The worst episodes of Darknet Diaries are still really good. It is possibly my favourite podcast (either that or Hardcore History).

I’m up to episode 111 at time of writing!

These are my absolute favourites:

EP 7: Manfred (Part 1)

EP 8: Manfred (Part 2)

EP 9: The Rise and Fall of Mt. Gox

EP 24: Operation Bayonet

EP 29: Stuxnet

EP 99: The Spy and EP 100: NSO

EP 101: Lotería

EP 102: Money Maker

EP 109: TeaMp0isoN

And these ones are also great:

EP 6: The Beirut Bank Job

EP 16: Eijah

EP 17: Finn

EP 20: mobman

EP 30: Shamoon

EP 36: Jeremy from Marketing

EP 45: XBox Underground (Part 1)

EP 46: XBox Underground (Part 2)

EP 53: Shadow Brokers

EP 54: NotPetya

EP 58: OxyMonster

EP 61: Samy

EP 74: Mikko

EP 78: Nerdcore

EP 81: The Vendor

EP 85: Cam the Carder

EP 92: The Pirate Bay

EP 104: Arya